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About the International Brugmansia Society

The International Brugmansia Society (iBrugs) is an organization dedicated to the cultivation and enjoyment of Brugmansia, Datura, and Iochroma.

iBrugs was formed in early 2010 by a group of experienced Brugmansia growers who saw the need for an organization with a strong focus on education.  They knew that it would be important for this organization to appeal to experienced growers, hybridizers, and researchers along with novice and home gardeners alike.  The public exchange of information along with member fellowship were noted as a couple of top priorities. With that in mind, the International Brugmansia Society was formed and iBrugs.com evolved. In keeping with our goal to promote public interest in Brugmansia, basic membership in the International Brugmansia Society is free to all.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Brugmansia & Datura Society shall be to foster the culture and cultivation of Brugmansia, and related species, via education, information exchange and fellowship.

The International Brugmansia & Datura Society will also promote public and scientific interest in the research, development, preservation, and distribution of Brugmansia, both natural and hybrid, throughout the world.

As the recognized ICRA for Brugmansia, the International Brugmansia & Datura Society maintains a comprehensive and accurate register and checklist of cultivar names.




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