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Brugmansia "Painted Lady"

There are few Brugmansia which can compare to the Larger Than Life presence of Painted Lady. A rich pink/red that triumphs richness and depth, Bonnie Vaughn must've thought she'd been touched by an angel when she saw this bloom for the first time.

This treasure is a must have for any Brugmansia grower, as it's striking beauty is beyond compare. From the first glance at a distance, hanging elegantly on a sturdy, stately tree, this one can't be ignored, as it's intense carmine red presence makes itself known even at great distances.


Painted Lady presents itself in oversized corolla, wide, gracefully flaring mouth, and beautifully upward and outward facing corolla teeth. Upon closer inspection, more pleasing features include a very thick, stable corolla that can take the heat, a rich even coloration that will color up all the way to the top of the exposed corolla, where it meets the calyx.



What about the fragrance? Painted Lady has a nice vanilla fragrance with a touch of a floral base that doesn't disappoint a wandering nose. The fragrance sometimes carries onto the mid morning, which is a treat for those who make early morning garden visits.

Some of the other benefits of Painted Lady is the ability to stay open for up to 9 days without collapsing. Another unusual factor is how the bloom has three distinct color stages. It will open the purest white, at it's zenith it becomes a beautiful 'hot' carmine pink, and it will finish on the last day or two with a brick red. It shows it's appreciation for fertilizer easily, and is a great bloomer, typically blooming every 3-4 weeks, and will sometimes even have overlapping blooms between flushes.

Painted Lady also tends to be great for pollen donor and also will set pods in the right conditions, so all around, it makes a good parent. Heatwaves don't seem to bother this beauty, and rooting is a breeze. Painted Lady also handles cold temperatures as well as most all Brugs without any issues. Bloom usually occurs at a young age, and it tends to get it's first fork at around 2 1/2 feet above the soil.


If you don't have Painted Lady, you are truly missing out on a dramatic, bold Brugmansia.


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# Tish
Monday, October 18, 2010 1:44 PM
She is stunning. I love the white stripes on the inside and the dark tendrils. I have been looking for a pink-red brug. Does anyone know where I can get a cutting from her?
# brugstter
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 9:54 AM
greetings, this is a stunning brugmi! ditto. does anyone know where to find a cutting or plant?

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