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Brugmansia 'Painted Lady"

There are few Brugmansia which can compare to the Larger Than Life presence of Painted Lady. A rich pink/red that triumphs richness and depth, Bonnie Vaughn must've thought she'd been touched by an angel when she saw this bloom for the first time.

This treasure is a must have for any Brugmansia grower, as it's striking beauty is beyond compare. From the first glance at a distance, hanging elegantly on a sturdy, stately tree, this one can't be ignored, as it's intense carmine red presence...


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Jacayna is a very interesting Brug. The plant is stout and a very vigorous grower. Leaves are ovate, wide and a tad serrated. Cuttings root very easily. Nice, strong fragrance. All are fine qualities. The flower, however,  is  unusual with it's wide, pink-yellow-white colored corolla that sometimes sports seven distinctive corolla teeth.  She's obviously got a distinctive suavoleans look about her, yet there's something indefinable about what's lurking in her genes.

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The region in which this Brugmansia is found is an area located in the foothills of eastward slopes known regionally as the Rio Topo-Rio Zuñac basin in central Ecuador. The valley is bordered on the east by the Cordillera Abitagua, a very rich center of plant endemism with many endemic species, being mostly orchids. Though the higher parts of the Cordillera Abitagua are part of the Llanganates National Park, the rich soil middle slopes and the lower Topo-Zuñac valley are unprotected territories. The plant and wildlife are in danger of being lost due to modernization.


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When I first started looking for a Brugmansia that had traits I wanted to pass on to a new variety I had in mind, Brugmansia "Sam" wasn't high on my list. It had a tendency to produce flowers that never opened fully, rotted without blooming if it was above 80 degrees and grew so slowly I thought I'd be sitting on a long, grey beard before it got to bush size. On the plus side, the flower color was superb - a nice smoldery raspberry color with a brownish cast, it threw triples frequenly, didn't lose buds, made fat seed laden pods and it's leaves were thick and green.


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