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The iBrugs Community offers lots of great features that allow you to interact and share information with other Brugmansia enthusiasts around the world.  To help you find your way around our commuinity and have a great user experience, we have compiled this mini-tutorial to explain many of the major features available.  Before you begin please make sure you have established a user account on and are logged in to your account.  Unless you are logged in as user on, much of the community generated content will not be viewable.

After you are logged in we recommend that you check and possibly adjust the settings in your community profile.  To access your profile. just click on your user name at the very top of the website.  Once you are on your profile page you will see the "My Settings" link in the upper right corner.

Click on the "My Settings" link you will see several tabs that contain your personal settings.  For most options you will want to select "All Users" so you can view and reply to discussions from all members.


Community Center

The gathering place for the iBrugs community is the "iBrugs Community Center". You'll find the link to the center under iBrugs Community tab in the top menu.  There you can access the Community Center's Social Summary to view the most recent activity from you, your friends, and your pods (groups). This is similar to the “Live Feed” on Facebook.

Once you arrive at the Community Center you will be greeted by the Social Summary page below. The default setting for this page is "All Items", which displays all activities under their dates, as well as how long ago the activity occurred. By clicking on a discussion topic link, you will be taken to the respective pod (group) where you can read and participate in the discussion. Click on a username and you will be taken directly to that user’s profile.

On the left hand side of the screen you will find various filters that will allow you to view certain types of activities such as:

    • Pods Created – Displays the pod that was created as well as who created it.  Pods are what the user groups are called on iBrugs.
    • Groups Joined – Displays the groups/pods you and your friends have joined.
    • Forum Topics – Displays topics that you, your friends, and your groups have started. If the topic is part of a group’s discussions, the group’s picture will appear to the right of the post. Click on the topic to be taken to the discussion.
    • Forums Replies – Displays forum replies for you, your friends, and your groups.
    • Shared Links – Click “Read More” to go directly to the site of a shared link.
    • Notes – Displays notes for you, your friends, and your groups.
    • Friends Created – Displays friendships created between you and your friends as well as your friends and other site members.
    • Photos – Displays images uploaded by you, your friends, and your groups. Click on the picture with the magnifying glass if you would like to see it larger.
    • Status Messages – Displays status messages of you, your friends, and your groups.
    • Journal Posts – Posts made on another user’s journal
    • Documents – Click on the link to open a document.
    • Events Created – Shows events that have been created by you, your friends, or your groups

If you find yourself not comfortable with the Facebook-like interface described above, the discussion topics are also viewable in a traditional forum environment

If you would like more information on all the features and advanced settings available, we have posted the User's Guide for Active Social online.  Check-it out here!

We hope you enjoy the iBrugs Community.

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