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The iBrugs Community uses discussion groups, or Pods as we call them, for group discussion.  Each pod acts like an individual forum topic. If you are looking for a more traditional forum, all the discussion in the pods is listed in a forum format below.  For a more enriched experience we suggest you visit the iBrugs Community Center to view and read posts rather than the forums.  Please note that the same topics and posts appear onb both the forums and the community center pages.

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Everything Brugmansia
If you love Brugs, then this is the Pod for you!
  • 420 Members
Newly Registered Cultivars
Check-out the newest brugmansia to be officially registered!
  • 16 Members
Unsere Deutschen Freunde (Our German Friends)
Unsere Deutschen Freunde (Our German Friends)
Eine Trasch- und Infoecke für ET-Freunde aus dem deutschsprachigen Bereich (A,CH,DE)
  • 15 Members
Datura Den
Daturas are the heat and drought resistant darlings of the brugmansia world.
  • 38 Members
The Exchange
The place to exchange plants, cuttings, seeds and pollen.
  • 73 Members
Brugmansia Seedlings
The New Kids On The Block. Post your Brug baby info and pics here.
  • 58 Members
For the discussion of B. arborea, B. sanguinea, B. vulcanicola, and their hybrids.
  • 45 Members
Michigan Enthusiasts
Any Michiganders that are passionate about Brugmansia, Iochromas, Datura, Sphaerocarpium, and any other related plants. The purpose of this group is to discuss how our plants thrive in our weather, and other numerous topics. If there is enough of us I would also like to be able to host a Brug get together for trading, and other fun activities.
  • 5 Members
California Brugmansia/Datura Enthusiasts
Anyone can join, but this is a place where California Brugmansia & Datura Growers can talk about climate/region specific interests, issues, and needs we encounter.
  • 21 Members
Can you say - eye-oh-KROH-muh? Explore the tubular world of these Brugmansia cousins.
  • 33 Members
Canadian Brug Enthusiasts
A Place for Canadian Brug growers to meet.
  • 29 Members
European Brug Growers - Hybridisers
A place for those of us in Europe to connect.
  • 11 Members
iBrugs Seed and Pollen Banks
This is the place to visit for information on the iBrugs Seed and Pollen Banks. Make sure you sign-up to receive notifications when new topics are posted. That way you'll be one of the first to know when new arrivals are placed in the banks.
  • 21 Members
Southern Brugmansia Group
A place where folks residing in the Southern states can meet and get to know each other. We'll be sharing our love and passion for all Brugmansias, Daturas and Ichromas, and the unique advantages and challenges that gardening in the South brings to us. Welcome!
  • 13 Members