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Blooms from this past week...
Last Post 22 Jan 2013 12:18 PM by Lenette. 2 Replies.
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Enlighten Treasures

22 Oct 2012 12:05 AM

    We have had tons of rain and more in the forecast for the end of this week.

    I have had bugs and every kind of fungus this summer, some really funky looking fungi growing everywhere. LOL

    Now I am hoping the rains have stopped and looked on the weather channel and they say we may get rain from a tropical storm coming this way.

    I sprayed all my plants last Monday, half their leaves always fall off when I mix up my heavy duty kill it all mixture and spray them.  They are now putting out new leaves, I fertilized them and gave them some Mega grow, they will recover and grow like weeds once again.

    I am very happy to have made it through the summer with only a few casualties.  I bought a lot of plants this past fall and summer and I got some really nice ones, but also some really diseased ones.  There is one grower that is selling a lot of diseased plants and I will not say who it is, I didn't realize it till I did an inventory and connected all the dots.  A lot of virused plants, i had to throw them on the burn pile.

    When I get a plant and it looks funky, I put it off by itself and watch it to see if might be bugs that have caused the leaves to be distorted if it doesn't clear up it goes on the burn pile. 

    I also train all my brugmansia into standards, it makes it easier to see if they have any stem problems and it also allows me to grow more plants in a given area.  I place the small plants that I am rooting under the bigs ones cause they need more shade and it works out great.  My new cuttings are shaded by the bigger plants also and I have overhead mist to keep them happy.  We also put in a complete drip system in my shade house but I only had to use it a few times because it has been so wet this summer, last summer was totaly the opposite very dry and hot.

    I have only put two plants in the ground this year and Thank God that was all, our water table rose so high I lost some of the plants in my yard cause it was just too wet for too long of a time.  My pond almost over flowed but not quite, another half a foot and the fish would have been swimming in the yard. I was going to do some heavy duty planting all around my pond and I glad I didn't get to it, I would have lost them all. I planted one of the brugmansia too close to the pond and I am not sure it is going to make it, I dug it up and then it got fire ants all in the pot cause they were looking for higher ground and I threw it back in the pond but left it there too long, it's not dead but not very happy right now.

    So here is my few blooms from this past week and I expect alot more before we have our first frost in February.

    Mariner's Pride

    This one is possibly Ecuador Pink don't really know for sure.

    This is Sweet Summertime, she has had a rough time this summer and keeps putting out blooms, I finally got her repotted and she is getting used to being out in the sun, so she will be blooming again soon and I will share her beauty with you all again.

    This one is Tommy Lockwood and is a brugmansia for the serious collector, he is very hardy and grows fast and furiously, this is the first of his blooms, I think they are quite nice for a versi, can't wait till he gets bigger and fuller, I have several of these plants so I will be putting this one in the ground.

    As a saftey precaution I will be growing all my brugmansia in pots till they get big and then I will make new plants from them and plant those new ones in the ground, I have lost too many plants from the weird weather we have had these past 5 to 7 years.

    I am at peace with my plants and I have a plan but it will take lots of work and time to get where I want to be.  I will be selling plants one day, but not too many at first.  I have learned from growing brugmansia these past 12 years a lot about their growing habits, a lot about their bad habits and how to make them grow fast, almost too fast for me to keep up.

    As long as there is an earth, there will be seed time and harvest and I have learned not to eat my seed or as some do, chop up my plants too fast.  I want big healthy mother plants that are beautiful to look at with tons of blooms.  You don't get a chance to enjoy them and you don't have to chop them up. Grow them into standards like Monika and cut back the top and bring them inside, they will go dormant and you can put them back out in the spring to bloom quickly.

    Down here in South Florida the brugmansia also go dormant if we let them or you can keep them growing all year round. Learn to enjoy your plants and don't stress about disease just deal with it, destroy the bad ones and always keep a watchful eye on your plants. Feed them lots of fertilzier and learn to back off when you don't have time to care for them, they will wait on you and grow at the pace you want them too.. But if you don't feed them you will not get many blooms, if you do feed them lots of fertilizer, you will not have to wait for months to see them bloom they will bloom quickly down here where we live.

    Know your plants and know your environment and it's limitations, I have over 200 plants right now all but about 10 of those are in pots, if I had planted them in the ground this year I would have lost most of them or would have been out there digging them all up in a flooded yard. I have too much money invested in my plants to be careless with them.  My plan it to have raised beds, we have had too many wet summers so I have to do something different if I want plants to grow and thrive in my yard.  But it is all one step at a time, one plant at a time, one section of your yard at a time.

     I am so glad that the cooler weather is finally here and the rain will cease soon, I am now able to work in my plants more and care for them the way they deserve to be cared for.

    Happy Growing Everyone

    Be Blessed

    Connie in Indiantown Florida and the sweetest smelling house in the whole town.....


    FredUser is Offline
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    23 Oct 2012 12:57 PM
    Beautiful blooms Connie! My brugs are starting to come back to life again too after a very hot and wet summer. I'm looking forward to cooler weather. I saw forecast highs in the 70's next week, yeah!


    Check out my garden adventures via "Fred's Garden Blog" and via

    LenetteUser is Offline
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    22 Jan 2013 12:18 PM
    Nice bruggies!
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