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Florida Bruggies
Florida Bruggies
The place for Florida brug enthusiasts to hang out.
  • September 09

  • Welcome GordonHawk
    about 6 years ago
  • July 07

  • Welcome Arwen
    about 6 years ago
  • April 21

  • Welcome highonbrugs
    about 6 years ago
  • January 22

  • Lenette Does anyone post here anymore lol? How is your winter going? We are having a very warm one in the NE FL area. I haven't even closed the greenhouse door except for 2 nights so far. I left some of the brugs out and also left a 6ft sausage tree in the ground (Kigelia)to see if it would be hardy this winter. I have 3 of them and usually they lose their leaves in the gh during the winter and then get new leaves in the spring. I keep them in pots and root prune them every winter kinda like the brugs. They will be 4 years old this spring so I am hoping they will bloom sometime soon lol. Hope everyone and their plants are doing well!
    about 6 years ago
  • January 18

  • Welcome PattyAnn
    about 6 years ago
  • December 09

  • Welcome GordonHawk
    about 6 years ago
  • March 03

  • Fred I hope this is not a sign of what Mother Nature has in store for us this spring - "Orlando International, FL set a record high temperature of 90 for Mar 03"
    about 7 years ago
  • January 12

  • Lenette Loving the nice warm weather we are having this winter. I've hardly had to run the heat in the greenhouse at all. Hope everyone has a great year for brug growing!!!
    about 7 years ago
  • November 04

  • Welcome Enlighten Treasures
    about 7 years ago
  • May 14

  • Lenette We had an awesome thunderstorm today. I hope the brugs all go crazy.
    about 8 years ago
    • FredSame here, it was great to finally get some rain. We need lots more than what we ended up receiving.
      10:34 AM May 15
    • GreenthumbguyI could send you some of our rain Fred. Have way more than I need... Backyard is swampy and flooded and our plant sale is next weekend - yuk!
      3:57 PM May 16
    • Patricia WatsonI was going to say the same thing. I can send you cool weather, rain and wind if you want some.
      6:25 PM June 01
  • April 30

  • Welcome Bodhi
    about 8 years ago
  • February 05

  • Welcome xeriscape8321
    about 8 years ago
  • October 07

  • Fred New record low temperature set in Orlando breaks 31-year mark - and I'm loving it! The temperature in Orlando Thursday morning bottomed out at a “chilly” 57 degrees, beating the day’s record of 58, set in 1979. The high temps are in the low 80's. Bring on the buds & blooms!!!
    about 9 years ago
    • RJWow.. that's like us. Blustery yesterday, rained, and the low temperature here was 55! Southern California set 5 different records in a 24 hour period.
      12:47 AM October 08
  • October 04

  • Florida Bruggies WooHoo, the temps dropped down to 61 last night, our coldest night since spring! With high temps all week forecast to be near 80 and the low near 60, perhaps we Floridians can finally start making some brug crosses. I'm psyched!
    about 9 years ago
    • RJGlad you're getting our weather this week, instead of our weather last week. It's hard to believe that it was 94 degrees here last week. Right now, the temp is 60 degrees at 3pm., and our low tonight is 61. LOL! It's soupy out and the tree tops are shrouded in fog. Amazing how quickly we went from sizzle to drizzle.
      Let's all hope this keeps up. I've got tons of developing pods to nurse! :)
      3:49 PM October 04
    • FredLet's all hope the extreme weather gets out of the way before winter rolls in.
      3:56 AM October 05