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  • October 01

  • Brenda
    MEM bending under the weight of all these blossoms.shooting starstacked brugs

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  • Space Dog Please read and pass on... For those of you who know Paul Phillips - he has been flooded out of his home up in Pennsylvania. He needs your support via email...whatever. If you wish to send a bit of financial support, his PayPal address is: pphil1@verizon.net He's lost a lot - personal possessions, garden, plants. If you can help, please do.
    about 9 years ago
    • Space DogAgain, the Paypal address is: pphil1@verizon.net
      5:30 PM October 01
  • September 29

  • alpha Canadian Brug Enthusiasts Jeff, I just tried it too....I can't either ....something must be broken....
    about 9 years ago
    • FredI'm not sure what is causing this problem. I'm looking into it now. Meanwhile you can access the group discussion via the forum.
      12:46 PM September 29
  • Greenthumbguy Canadian Brug Enthusiasts For some reason, when I click on Discussions - there are no topics listed nor can I create one?
    about 9 years ago
    • Greenthumbguyand I can't find the Cdn enthusiasts under the Community forums
      8:29 AM September 29
    • Greenthumbguywill have to post in another forum
      8:29 AM September 29
    • FredThe Canadian forum along with the other state and regional discussion forums are listed under the "Regional Discussion" forum category.
      12:47 PM September 29
  • September 28

  • Brenda
    Jamie's Monkey businessshooting staractually versi peach, the other one was Jerod's Joyversi peach

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  • September 25

  • Joelle

    about 9 years ago View More
  • September 19

  • Space Dog Dang! My house is hotter than it is outside! Anyhoo...Yes, I have flowers! This past week, Herrenhauser Gold, Dalai Lama, Morgensonne, Jacayna, Pink Velvet, Isabella, Inca Sun, Flame, and a few promising crosses from last year have bloomed! I've got a cute little The Chief x Painted Lady cross that came back from the freeze like a champ! I'm still gathering photos, so it will be a while before I post. I also found a new site template for Arghya Gardens and will be updating the site over the next 2 - 3 months. No more ebay folks! I'll be selling directly from my site for the first time. Very excited about it...even more excited that I'll not be beholdin' to eBay. I know I haven't been posting very much, but I've been learning all of the new up-to-date codes for web programming, AND have found my brother after not seeing him for over thirty years! Lots of furious writing back and forth and phone calls. I haven't forgotten about iBrugs either ! Noooosir! I'm planning on a full series of articles about individual Brugs I've grown over the years. They're going to include growing tips, observations, info about their use in hybridizing and any other old thing I can shake out of my noodle. So, I'm still lurking about and thinking about everyone! I'll check in more often. It's going to be a busy and productive season to come!
    about 9 years ago
    • RJCongrats on the blooming comeback, Liz!
      That's wonderful news! I think so many people will be happy that they don't have to deal with ebay either.
      I know what you mean about stuff blooming. I'm right behind you. I went out last night with my headlamp to snoop for loopers and beetles, etc. and noticed about 30,000 tiny buds coming on just about everything, including about 5 of my own crosses. This will be an amazing end of summer!
      Hope the new format works out well for you. It's sure snazzy and very modern.
      12:10 AM September 20
    • FredSounds like you have a busy fall lined up Liz! I'm glad your brugs are back in bloom. I share RJ's excitement in going out at night with a headlamp on to find new treasures. I'm looking forward to seeing your new website when it is finished.
      9:20 PM September 21
    • GreenthumbguyI'm very glads you have re-connected with your brother. Can't imagine the separation form a sibling for 30 years.
      6:25 PM September 22
    • Space DogPretty tragic...but oh so sweet now. He just sent me a letter asking where I've been for the last two days! (LOL)! Actually, I've been ripping up the garden and preparing for Spring. Hope to have plants and seeds available this coming year. Ebay was downright depressing this past year. Between weirdos, wackos and oddball stuff, I couldn't believe my eyes! BRUGMANSIA! Remember that one! LOL! Well, maybe things will be be better in 2011.
      7:16 PM September 22
    • Space DogI meant VOODOO BRUGMANSIA!
      7:17 PM September 22