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Creating an iBrugs! Community Pod:

All members of iBrugs! are invited to create their own, relevant to Brugmansia, Community Pod (Group).  Share information and photos, exchange seeds and plants, or just keep in touch with others who have similar interests.

Here are some ideas for creating your own pod!

  • First, check out existing Pods to see if there is already one that meets your needs.

  • One idea might be to create a Pod dedicated to Growers and Hybridizers within your own Region.  This would focus the information on what is actually most useful for your local conditions.

  • How about Experiments?  A Pod devoted to those of scientific bent, sharing the results of their well-designed experiments and even looking for participants in their studies.

  • Propagation, to include Winter-Sowing; Datura are among the plants which may germinate more readily after stratification.

  • Perhaps a Pod for Garden Design, focused on the use of Brugmansia in the Landscape, not just a plant for collectors.  Under this category could be topics on the Fragrant Garden or the Moon Garden, and the roles played by Brugmansia and Datura in each.  Maybe even the use of Brugmansia in the Tropical-looking Garden.

Possibilities are endless--- use your imagination, then create your Pod!

*Pod creation is subject to approval from the administration board

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