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iBrugs to merge with ABADS! by Fred

iBrugs is excited to announce that we will be merging with the American Brugmansia & Datura Society (ABADS).  The combined organization will be known as the International Brugmansia and Datura Society, Inc. (iBrugs).


Welcome to iBrugs! by Fred

The iBrugs! team rolled up their sleeves, grabbed their toolbox and built a new home for Brugmansia enthusiasts worldwide.

Introducing by SuperUser Account
iBrugs News Center

The Brugmansia growers community is dynamic and ever-evolving. They are united by a common interest - love for a plant that dazzles the eye by day and overwhelms the senses when night falls.  It is nothing more than this, but from this common appreciation remarkable things come. Brugmansia grows quickly. From seed to flower a scant year passes. The magical, mitotic dance of gene and protein bursts from invisibility and becomes a tree awash in visually striking, intoxicatingly fragrant flowers. When a plant's turnover rate is short, the scientific mind in all gardeners considers the creative possibilities. For Brugmansia lovers, a brush laden with pollen is no less a brush than a Florentine master's. It is the beginning of great masterpieces to come.


There are places where Brugmansia growers meet, discuss Brugmansia cultivation, propagation, hybridizing, and enjoy each other's company. There are large sites with devoted members. There are small sites with equally devoted contributors. Every member in every place where Brugmansia is discussed, simply loves the plant. These large and small groups are a movement, a visionary movement. What they see in their mind's eye is a future accomplishment, a vision fulfilled, and all of it relies on the power of a spot of dust carefully applied to a willing flower. This understanding has advanced Brugmansia hybridizing and propagation from a village sized group of enthusiasts to a thriving metropolis of growers, hybridizers, collectors, sellers and just plain fans.

This is not a competitive pursuit, nor is it a pursuit that requires exclusivity of any kind. Whether someone is a novice grower or an experienced hybridizer, each occupies his place in the sum of parts that define our effort. With that concept in mind, the iBrugs! team set out to bring everyone under the umbrella of an organization willing to present the most up to date information about and news of Brugmansia wherever it may be found. There is something here for everyone, and it is here in abundance.

The free membership provides access to all of the educational material on the siteā€¦period. You can post and discuss, research and view. If you want more, we have a paid membership tier that includes more benefits. If you're business minded, we have a program for you. Donations are gratefully accepted and will be acknowledged in many ways.

iBrugs! has also created an "Approved Seller" seal. Businesses that sell Brugmansia, Datura or Iochroma related plant material and achieve high member approval for the quality of their goods and services will be awarded the seal. The seal means you can buy with confidence from a seller who has proven themselves to be responsible and honest. We will also seek out businesses who wish to offer the membership special incentives in the form of discounts on merchandise. These will be available to paid members.

We will be updating the list of registered cultivars in a timely manner, and begin work doing the same for Datura and Iochroma. The list is essential for understanding the origins of the plants we use in our hybridizing work today. It is the nave of our wheel, the genetic motherlode.

There is more, so much more. We're excited to finish the projects we've started and even more excited to get the others we have planned going. It is our hope and sincere wish that each of you enjoys an educational and enlightening, friendly and satisfying visit each time you come to iBrugs! Take the time to visit the various pods and get to know your neighbors. If you're a novice, visit the hybridizers pods. If you're an experienced grower, drop in on Brugmansia 101 and see where you can help. Send us your ideas. We're listening. This is your community, and ours. The closer we work, the brighter the light that illuminates our effort and accomplishments will be.


The iBrugs! Team

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