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Welcome to the iBrugs! resource center. Here's where we stash all the goodies: exotic gardens to visit, reliable sellers of plants and seeds, great gardening books for your library, supplies for indulging in mad science, nurseries whose stock will dazzle you. The creme de la creme from our bookmark archives. Shop with confidence. Investigate with enthusiasm!

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Growers Solution
Grower's Solution is a premier greenhouse and nursery supply distributor located in Middle Tennessee. With over 1200 products from around 30 suppliers, we offer practically everything that a nursery, or hobby gardener could need.
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A.M. Leonard
The motherlode of gardening supplies - from shadecloth to tree tape, hoses, pruners, saws, fittings, carts - you name it.
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Greenhouse Megastore
Since 1993, International Greenhouse Company has offered a wide range of commercial quality horticultural products and supplies at the lowest prices for hobby, commercial and institutional growers.
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Novosel Enterprises - Nursery Containers
Your complete source for all your seed starting and potting needs! Jiffy pots and pellets, seedling trays and flats, round and square plastic flower pots, nursery containers and pots, hanging baskets and more!
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Hummert - Nursery Quality Rooting Hormone - Rhizopon
Rhizopon is a rooting hormone used by professional nurserypersons for plant propagation by cuttings. The best rooting medium on the market. Mail order.
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FELCO - Garden Tools
If you're tired of tools that either fall apart, rust or become dull quickly, FELCO garden tools are for you. Pruners and loppers have replaceable blades and springs. Swiss made. They may be purchased through Ames or With good care, they'll last a lifetime.
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DRAMM - Watering and Irrigation Supplies
DRAMM supplies quality irrigation products for professional and home gardeners. They manufacture brass hose fittings, watering wands, irrigation supplies to suit everyone's needs. Solid brass. Will last a lifetime with good care. You can find DRAMM products on eBay or (where they are competitively priced).
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National Walking Sprinkler
If you're not looking forward to hand watering your garden, or you don't have the funds for an in-ground irrigation system, the National Walking Sprinkler is for you. Since 1937 the National Walking Sprinkler's design hasn't changed, and for good reason. It works for you by following the track of your garden hose wherever you lead it. It waters while you find something else to do with time saved. Friendly folks there too.
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