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Welcome to the iBrugs! resource center. Here's where we stash all the goodies: exotic gardens to visit, reliable sellers of plants and seeds, great gardening books for your library, supplies for indulging in mad science, nurseries whose stock will dazzle you. The creme de la creme from our bookmark archives. Shop with confidence. Investigate with enthusiasm!

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Brugmansia Growers International
We are a small group dedicated to all things Brugmansia. Some might think that we are the homepage for Brugs Anonymous.
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iVillage Garden Web Brugmansia Forum
This forum is for the discussion of brugmansias, plants of the genus Brugmansia, also known as angels' trumpets.
Comments|Review this Resource is a Universe of Communities. Each community, called a Cubit, is a self-contained mini-website devoted to the specific interests of that community. With no technical knowledge required, a person can come to and within minutes have their own community website ready for their members.
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Dave's Garden
The motherlode of plant sites. If it can be grown, it will be found on Dave's hallowed pages. A HUGE community of gardeners who grow everything from Orchids to Jelly Fungus. Really. Paid membership and worth every dollar.
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