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How to Pollinate Brugmansia


Pollination of Brugmansia is best done during the cooler months or times of day.  For best pollination results pollinate in spring time or late evenings to early mornings for warm climate areas.  Tools to take with you are hemostats, tags, marker (such as uni Paint fine line), clean small paint brushes, fresh or fresh frozen pollen, and for evening pollination a flashlight.  Inside the corolla tube are the sex organs anthers (with pollen) and a stigma.  After removing the anthers it will be easier to pollinate.  Hold the corolla tube lightly so as not to crush and “paint” the end of the stigma with fresh pollen from your choice of donors.  Very lightly pressing the pollen into the anther tip may help with fertilization.  If this same pollen is to be used on another bloom from the same plant it may be used again, but if not the brush should be placed aside for cleaning later.  Select a new brush whenever different pollen is used or a new mother plant chosen.  After pollinating one flower immediately tag the flower stem with the attempted cross listing the date, then the cross noting pod parent first then pollen donor.  When the pollinating is finished for that day gather the paint brushes clean with rubbing alcohol afterwards allowing to dry for the next use.  


Properly Labeled Crosses with Tags


# kasha77
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:30 PM
Hi Delisa!
Thanks for your great info on pollinating Brug flowers. I have a question- after dusting the flowers and labeling them, do you do any thing to keep other pollinators out?
Ruth Ann
# Ruth Ann
Thursday, January 13, 2011 6:00 PM
I am not Delisa but I do know that if you have pollinated with a specific pollen it is crucial that you do it before other insects get to do it and then that you seal either the bloom or the stigma with something occlusive. Some folks wrap tinfoil around the stigma, some fold the bloom shut with clothespins, some cover the entire bloom with a netted bloom protector. The netted bloom protectors are easily made and look something like this....

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