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What is a NOID?  

The first time I ever saw the word NOID I had no-id-ea what it meant.  The term NOID is often used in conjunction with a Brugmansia plant or any plant that has no identification.  For example, it may be known that the plant is a Brugmansia and a close guess may even be made as to the species, but there is no name known.  The NOID status may be attributed to lost tags, faded labels, buying or trade of a misnamed plant, or acquiring a plant that is labeled pink, yellow, or white. 

Brugmansia sold at garden centers often labeled as pink, yellow, or white are NOIDs.  Truly many brugmansia enjoyed by plant lovers are simply NOIDs and it doesn’t matter because these plants are no less beautiful or admired by the owner or passerby.

Written by Delisa Harvey



# chrissy
Tuesday, April 06, 2010 12:50 AM
Thanks for that ...I remember being very embarressed while reading brug stuff not to know what noid meant, it took me a long time to scrounge up the courage to ask and even then I felt really silly not to have guessed.

Looking back no question is silly when you are learning.
Thanks on behalf of the new growers.
Ruth Ann
# Ruth Ann
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 8:31 AM
I have 2 I have grown from seed in 2003 that I keep year to year because I love them so.

The white on is kept for its pristine fragranceand perpendicular position but mainly for it's fragrance.
You can see a photo here:

The pink and white one I keep because I love the almost horizontal hang of the bloom, the white and pink colours in the throat stand out so well contrasted and visible and the fragrance is almost like baby powder.
You can see this one here:
( I was going to upload a photo of each but see no means to do it in the post).
I still toy with the idea of registering them both every year because they seem pest resistant and give me such pleasure but I have resisted thus far. So for now, they are 'NOID's' because they have never been named, I now them only by their parental cross.
# rhapsody
Sunday, November 18, 2012 7:18 PM
Good info! Thanks for the post.
# qewqe
Friday, March 08, 2013 7:47 PM
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