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Our brugmansia are growing and soon it will be fall and we will want to share cuttings.  Fusarium and Phomopsis are two of the most devastating fungal invaders of brugmansia.  There are other fungal disease that mimics the signs of Fusarium and Phomopsis such as Pythium Stem Rot.  The only way to have a sure diagnosis of the disease is a report from a lab with disease diagnosis.  The reports will contain information about how to treat the diseased brugmansia.

One way that hybridizers of brugmansia are trying to decrease the incidence of stem rot is to breed brugmansia for stem rot resistance.  Many hybridizers are now crossing brugmansia without using Brugmansia suaveolens, which has been proven to be the most likely type of brugmansia that will contract stem rot.  Unfortunately, Brugmansia suaveolens is the most perfumed of all the Brugmansia species and the crossing for disease resistance is eliminating or reducing the intoxicating smell of the suaveolens species.


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