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Organic Gardening


Organic gardening requires a completely different approach to traditional, chemical-based gardening techniques. As more and more gardeners throughout the country become aware of the harmful effects of chemical use on our families, communities and environment, the more educated we become on alternative methods of plant and lawn care, pest control and sustainable agriculture.
Did you know that more than 1 million children between the ages of 1 and 5 ingest at least 15 pesticides every day from fruits and vegetables?

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Following are some cheap and easy ways to promote healthy living for you, your family, wildlife and the environment:

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Why are Sea Vegetables Beneficial to Gardening?
NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) are very important nutrients for plant growth. However, plants also need, and are often neglected of, beneficial micronutrients, enzymes, amino acids and cytokinins for optimal growth and health. Sea vegetables offer many advantages to the garden.

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Creating a Lasagna Garden by Ruth Ann

Hate To Mow The lawn And Dig In Bad Soil?

If this describes you and you love growing Brugmansia, I have a solution for you called Lasagna Gardening. It certainly will reduce the effort you expend once you have it made and are using it.

Selecting a Breeding Program by RJ
Hybridizing tipsWinter time is a great time of the year when to get together a breeding program if you’re interested in taking the quantum leap to create something special and exciting.
To best decide if you’re ready for a hybridization program, here’s a few good pointers to consider:
Hybridizing Guidelines by ABADS

The number one problem in the Brugmansia community is the naming of seedlings before they have been properly evaluated. Please do not broadcast news of a new seedling to the public using a proper name and call it a working name. At the rate the Americans alone are hybridizing we face....  [more]