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Hello $(FirstName)! December 13, 2010

Register a Brugmansia Cultivar!

The International Brugmansia and Datura Society is excited to announce the official launch of our new online Brugmansia Cultivar Registration form. This form makes it easy to register a new Brugmansia Cultivar. Our new form also collects optional information related to form and hybridization that will be useful to hybridizers. The new data will also be searchable in our new cultivar database when it goes live in early 2011.


Hybridizers are encouraged to register their new cultivars as soon as possible so they can be considered for inclusion in the Spring edition of "The Trumpeter" print journal.

Hybridizing Basics

Hybridizing Basics

Hybridizing Brugmansia is easy!  For most Brugmansia enthusiasts the thrill of developing new and exciting varieties in new colors and forms is what makes hybridizing Brugmansia so much fun! The International Brugmansia and Datura Society is here to help you learn the basics and share advanced hybridizing techniques.  Learn the basics here.

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Name this Cultivar and win it!!

  This new seedling features pure white blooms that appear to be made out of porcelain. If there was a perfect form for a bloom, this is it!   iBrugs has an extensive gallery of Brugmansia images, many of which you will only find on Check-out our great eye candy for the Holidays!   For this week's contest all you have to do is come up with a winning name for a L'Amour x Charles Grimaldi Brugmansia Seedling. The winning name will registered with the seedling.  
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