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Hello $(FirstName)! December 6, 2010

Create a Lasagna Garden!

Hate To Mow The lawn And Dig In Bad Soil?

If this describes you and you love growing Brugmansia, I have a solution for you called Lasagna Gardening. It certainly will reduce the effort you expend once you have it made and are using it.

The best time to start this type of garden is in the fall but now is a great time to make plans so you can start assembling the materials you will need in Spring.

Ruth Ann has all the details you need


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Hybridizing Guidelines

Winter is a great time to plan your 2011 hybridizing program. If you are new to hybridizing brugmansia, we encourage you to read these hybridizing guidelines. The guidelines have been compiled based on the experiences of the brugmansia community over the last decade.

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Ludger's Windsong x (Color Point x DDR)


Proper Soil Mix for Brugmansia


Win 6-8 Premium Brug cuttings!

  Fred commented that this seedling had to be one of the biggest single yellows he had ever encountered. See for yourself!   A proper potting mix is one of the most important requirements for growing healthy plants. Member Space Dog (Liz) offers some tips on potting up brugs.   Win Angels Swingtime, Pink Perfection, Phanomenal, Casacola Creek, and Maya Brug cuttings donated by iBrugs member Chara (Irina)!  
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