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For the discussion of B. arborea,
B. sanguinea, B. vulcanicola, and their hybrids.
  • September 09

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  • November 19

  • thymelord Hi Rhapsody,I have not been on the site for a while but to answer your question one of the members on here Alan Hurstwood (uk)has some beautiful Sphaerocarpiums and sells seeds if you fancy growing them from seed here's a link to his site, regards TL
    about 6 years ago
  • thymelord

    Hurstwood Brugmansia
    Hurstwood Brugmansia

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  • September 23

  • rhapsody
    My pretty angle.

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  • rhapsody I am new to this. I am looking for a place to buy cuttings of plant B. vulcanicola other then ebay. Any suggestions?
    about 7 years ago
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  • June 12

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  • February 09

  • RJ I have a question for Sphaero people... It appears that an Arborea I have been busy pollinating each flower with every variation of Sphaero pollen I have has seed pods developing on nearly every flower that I pollinated. While this normally might be a good thing, I am curious if it's not a good idea to have this much stress on the plant, and picking off some of the pods to insure healthier and fuller pods may a better idea. The tree is about 7 feet tall, so it can support them, and it is growing rooted into the ground, so there is enough water supply for it to discover. Normally, I would have expected about a 25% pollination rate, but I am assuming this good outcome is because of it being a more mature tree with a very thick trunk. Thank you anyone for your input and thoughts in this. It will be a gut-wrenching decision, should I need to pick off pods, but this overwhelming outcome is a first. I blame it on our nice weather over the last month or so. RJ
    about 7 years ago
    • RJby the way, there are currently about 20-25 pods developing right now.
      5:31 PM February 09
    • greenfingerRJ - I hope you have checked self compatibility before your pollination attempts. If the plant gets stressed it will show you that clearly and drop some of the smaller pods. I woudn'nt change anything for the moment as arboreas are robust plants. 7ft sounds wonderful.
      3:50 AM February 10
  • January 22

  • Welcome Rich-Connecticut
    about 7 years ago
    • Rich-ConnecticutHi everyone,

      I am thrilled to be able to join this group! I've been dabbling for years with sphaerocarpium brugs here in 6b Connecticut, having had a lot of support from expert friends (k!). Unfortunately, I have yet to surmount the challenges, but am ready to give it another go. ....This snowy day today just adds to the commitment. With any luck, I will have real arborea seeds arriving early this week from The search for seeds of the true species has been a bit of an adventure, and Leng Leng Lian at this site has been wonderful. With that, I also live 20 mins from Logees, and so will give a try with their sanguinea. Spaeros in CT? Well, I'm going to work greenhouse in winter, to outside in spring, to cellar in the summer heat, then reverse the sequence. With a well-drained mix - it's a start anyway.

      RJ - awesome photos on your Jan 20 post....they help visualize the goal.

      Best to all and happy growing!
      Rich Sanders
      9:29 AM January 22
    • greenfingerhi and welcome! I think you should just give them a trial. I'm in 7b with sometimes very hot summers.
      10:28 AM January 22
    • Rich-ConnecticutThanks for the encouragement! In the past I believe my soil mix did not drain sufficiently and the arboreas and sanguineas slowly faded. Perhaps a bit more TLC and a lot more observation. Cheers, Rich
      5:13 PM January 22
    • RJThank you Rich, and I hope that you have some great luck with your Sphaero's!
      5:13 PM February 09
  • January 20

  • RJ
    Arborea SeedlingArborea SeedlingArborea SeedlingArborea Seedling

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  • January 18

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  • March 06

  • anton6500 Hi I'm Anton from Bulgaria interested in these types Brugmanziya B. sanguinea, B. vulcanicola, but unfortunately in our country, they hardly pay and no way to obtain them like me because they are different from other species and are especially beautiful I am seduced by the idea to make hybrids still am not aware of this forum and the site I want to ask how can I get seeds and what to do until now I have no experience with three established species variety and I'd like to get help and advice from people in love with this plant as it won me my heart for always from the moment that I saw him greetings from Bulgaria
    about 8 years ago
    • greenfingerAnton - where are you exactly located in Bulgaria? I have from time to time seeds - I'm located in Austria.
      Do you know the following brugmansia ressource page:
      7:40 AM March 06
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    • AngHi I've joined this pod so I can learn more about these. They are quite beautiful. I love their flower shapes and the colors I've seen. Would love to find out if they go in the Pacific NW, near Seattle.
      7:34 PM December 25
  • September 28

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