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May 3 , 2010

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Welcome to the iBrugs Insider!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the iBrugs Insider, the official eNewsletter of the International Brugmansia Society. This weekly eNewsletter will keep you informed of all the exciting things that are happening online at and within the International Brugmansia Society. For future reference, all copies of the iBrugs Insider will be archived on

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Member Spotlight - Brenda Sipher

Every two weeks iBrugs will recognize one of our outstanding members and put them in the "Member Spotlight"! Long-time Brugmansia enthusiast, Brenda Sipher, was selected to be our first ever featured Member.

Delisa Harvey interviewed Brenda this week and shares with us her passion for growing Brugmansia.

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Sphaerocarpium: Brugmansia vulcanicola “Zuñac”

The region in which this Brugmansia is found is an area located in the foothills of eastward slopes known regionally as the Rio Topo-Rio Zuñac basin in central Ecuador. The valley is bordered on the east by the Cordillera Abitagua, a very rich center of plant endemism with many endemic species, being mostly orchids. Though the higher parts of the Cordillera Abitagua are part of the Llanganates National Park, the rich soil middle slopes and the lower Topo-Zuñac valley are unprotected territories. The plant and wildlife are in danger of being lost due to modernization.

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What is so special about Cinco de Mayo?

May 5 marks the one month anniversary of the launch of and the International Brugmansia Society. It is hard to believe how much we have accomplished in just one month.

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with the official debut of Just think of May 5 as our official "Grand Opening"!

To celebrate, registered members will have a chance to win cool prizes including brugmansia plants & cuttings, a newly introduced Brugmansia 'Lizzy', premium memberships into the International Brugmansia Society, and lots more.

Make sure you visit on May 5 for all the details.

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What's new in the Pods!

The iBrugs Community Pods are where our members come to talk about everything related to Brugmansia. This week's hot topics include air layering, want/have lists, interesting seedling observations, a frost free Canada, and dozens of other interesting topics.

Join the conversation now!

Visit the Pods!

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iBrugs Photo Galleries continue to grow!

The International Brugmansia Society is striving to accumulate the largest collection of Brugmansia family photos in the world. While we still have a long way to go, new photos are being added daily.

This week our member Space Dog shared some of her beautiful iochroma photographs. Pictured to the left is a glimpse of Iochroma Orange sunset.

Visit the iBrugs photo gallery now to view all her Iochroma photographs.

Photo Gallery

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